Our Commitment to the Planet

We only get one planet. At LAH, we take this to heart and intend to safeguard it with every step we take.

This starts with taking a proactive approach to engaging in sustainable operational practices and social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Ecological Footprint

An appreciation for the natural beauty of the West Coast we get to revel in everyday, elicited an acute awareness of the importance of operating in an environmentally sustainable manner, aligned with and restorative to natural systems.

From our product sourcing to manufacturing operations, we work hard to limit wastefulness and minimize our ecological footprint. Everything from finding use for excess fabric from production runs by up-cycling to produce new garments, to reducing transportation miles, and optimizing truck loading to fit more products per load during inventory replenishment is taken into consideration. We are deliberate in our actions.

Our newest boutique store location resides in award-winning Shoal Point, a model for sustainable building design. Features such as ground source heat, passive solar design, low-e windows, and low water consumption fixtures ensure we operate in an energy-efficient manner.

Our People and The Global Community

Our commitment to the planet extends to the people who make our garments and the communities we operate in. We believe in giving back. Initiatives such as $1 from every Rhino Scrubs purchase going towards supporting a vocational centre empowering young women to build a better future, allow us to engage communities in service of human development and the wellbeing of our global society.

We treat each and every person we work with respectfully. We operate under ethical practices and adhere to all labor regulations to ensure our factories are safe working environments. The wellbeing of our workers are of primary concern.

LAH strives to be a leader in setting a benchmark for ethical operational standards and social responsibility in the manufacturing industry. We believe in putting good back into society and intend to leave nothing short of a positive impact on the planet we call home.